The Company

We of AviaRent Invest AG want to facilitate investment activities of institutional investors, to strengthen our contact with investors and to act even more quickly than before in the markets.  

Visions become reality

We connect businesses and people that develop investment solutions with those that are suitable for investing in these strategies.

Our internationally experienced team supports investment managers in all aspects of marketing as well as in conducting the fundraising process. With a focus on alternative investments, infrastructure and real estate, AviaRent Invest AG is fast, disciplined, flexible and highly motivated. As a result, we support our customers in all phases, from market analysis and premarketing to documentation and market positioning. In addition to experience, market knowledge and direct contact, we offer our customers practical support and solutions that allow them to achieve their goals.

From concept to success

The review and implementation of innovations as well as security and sus-tainability in investments in the constantly changing global markets requires more than just local expertise. Every investment requires the current knowledge of the ever-changing regulatory and other legal requirements.

AviaRent Invest AG opens the gate to the capital market and develops the individual steps along the way: from the analysis of the current market environment and market needs to the design and production of marketing and distribution documentation. From the coordination of investor meetings to ongoing investor relations and reporting. Take advantage of the trust that has been bringing investors to us for many years.

Our services:

  • Acquisitions
  • Due diligence
  • Bottom-up instead of top-down approach
  • Reporting pursuant to the VAG and AIFM standards
  • Preparation of portfolio information

We are here for you

The AviaRent team consists of a number of experts.


Our Services

We provide the strategic asset management and commercial property management of the entire portfolio. Among other things, the analysis of the initial situation, product evaluation, design and implementation of investment strategies, ongoing process support, documentation and controlling. We specialise in the management of nursing homes, micro-apartments and daycare centres.


Our Funds

Our funds are designed as a regulated Luxembourg SICAV-FIS special fund structure. Our strategy is precise analysis: exact local analysis instead of global macro- analysis, and acquisition of individual properties rather than of entire portfolios ("cherry picking"). This guarantees the long-term success of our funds.


Our standards

Our specialisation requires special expertise. Our company's strength lies in the outstanding experience and qualifications of our employees and partners. They are experts in the purchasing, evaluation and project development of social and operated properties.